Gardenia Care Video – Gardenia Pruning

Gardenia pruning is the subject of today’s Gardenia care video and I give to you a short video on how to prune a Gardenia. If left alone your gardenia will become spindly and unshapely – this Gardenia care video gives tips on how and why you should be pruning you gardenia. Although not essential to the health of gardenia, I always prune my gardenia once a year and it should be part of your annual gardenia care routine as well. By pruning regularly I’m able to keep my gardenias in the shape and size that suits my garden, it also ensures that I keep an eye on my gardenia plants, checking for disease and pests.

When Should I Prune My Gardenia?

I always prune my gardenia straight after the flowers have dropped. This ensures that I don’t inadvertently remove any of next years buds. The buds are normally formed in the fall ready to burst out in the following year. So pruning after the blooms have gone, means I can shape the plant and remove some of the old wood safe in the knowledge that I’m not going to inadvertently remove or hinder next years growth. Please note that some of the newer hybrids of gardenia can flower twice in a season – so be sure you know what variety of gardenia you have before sharpening those pruning sheers. Always ensure your pruning sheers are sharp as ragged cuts to a Gardenia plant can lead to disease.

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